In the Ghetto. The Roma of Stolipinovo


„In the Ghetto. The Roma of Stolipinovo” documents the perspectives and experiences of Roma inhabitants in their neighbourhood over the last decades. It tells a striking tale of unemployment, hunger, insufficient medical care, illiteracy and segregated schools in one of the biggest Roma ghettos in Southeastern Europe. The documentary shows Stolipinovo in the years before and after the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union (2006/2007) and illustrates the extreme living conditions and their relation to perpetuated persecution and discrimination, which are unfortunately still relevant today. Hermann Peseckas and Andreas Kunz were the first film makers to shoot a feature-length documentary in Stolipinovo and they give an inside view on traditions, history and everyday life „In the Ghetto“.

Direction: Hermann Peseckas
Script: Andreas Kunz, Hermann Peseckas
Music: Petar Vaklinov
Editing: Hermann Peseckas
Sound: Andreas Kunz
Camera: Hermann Peseckas
Production: Studio West
Release Date: 2009
Technical Data: DV Cam, 75 min
Language: Bulgarian with engl. Subtitles